• Burglars lead police on high-speed chase in Bellevue

    By: Natasha Chen


    BELLEVUE, Wash. - A man and woman were arrested Sunday night after leading police on a high-speed chase from Bellevue to Mercer Island.

    A Bellevue family in the 11000 block of SE 27th Place came home Sunday evening to find a strange car in their driveway.

    Chris Henning said they were returning from a trip to Lopez Island. His wife pulled up first and saw a man and a woman sitting in a white Mitsubishi Eclipse.

    “They were still in the car, and she sat there for a few minutes just going, ‘who are these people?’” Henning said.

    As the suspects tried to pull away, she asked them what they were doing. The driver told her they had mistaken the house for someone elses'.

    The Hennings called the police when they realized they had been burglarized.

    “I went inside with a whiffle ball bat,” Chris Henning said.

    As officers took their report, Henning said he could hear reports of a high-speed chase over the officer’s radio.

    A Bellevue police spokesperson told KIRO 7 the suspects fled, driving 90 mph on Interstate 90, before crashing on the westbound HOV off ramp to Mercer Island.

    The suspects hit a Dodge Durango. The people inside that car were not hurt.

    Officers arrested the female passenger in the suspect vehicle, and took her to Overlake Hospital for an anxiety attack.

    Mercer Island officers assisted in tracking down the driver, who had fled on foot and was found in the bushes at the Mercer Island Park-and-Ride.

    Henning and another neighbor said there had been several burglaries in the area during the daytime.

    In this case, Henning said, “It’s just a fluke, driving up on them, and they’re there.”

    He believes the suspects stole a jewelry box, including some family heirlooms of sentimental value.

    A neighbor on the next street posted on a local blog that a suspicious man, who seemed out of breath, rang her doorbell shortly after the burglary was reported. Bellevue police are aware of this report, but told KIRO 7 they’re not sure if there is a third suspect in the case.

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