• Plane debris falls onto Seattle neighborhood

    By: Gary Horcher


    SEATTLE - Residents stunned after a plane somehow lost a window in flight. The pieces rained down on West Seattle Tuesday.

    “It came falling out if the sky all over my roof and my lawn,” said Andy Scearce, who collected shattered pieces of blue-tinted Plexiglas and metal brackets over a span of two blocks.

    “My neighbor came outside and he's like ‘did you hear that?’ I was like ‘yeah,’ then these pieces were scattered about the lawn, some were on his roof, and I found some in the alley way here as well,” he said.

    Scearce, who is also a licensed pilot, says a plane had just flown overhead, like lots of planes do, before they land at nearby Boeing Field. “Maybe the door opened up in flight, and the window burst out,” he said.

    The NTSB told Scearce an investigator would pick-up the pieces, to find answers. The FAA asked KIRO 7 to send them photos of the debris. By law, pilots are required to report anything that falls out of a plane. The FAA told KIRO 7 that no pilot immediately reported losing a window.

    "I thought maybe something actually hit the roof hard enough to damage it," said neighbor Julius Sommers, who watched the pieces falling out of the sky, at 1:15 p.m. Tuesday.

    Some of the pieces were sharp, attached to metal brackets, festooned with bolts. Neighbors say they’re lucky no one was hurt.

    "I'd like to know how it happened,” said Screarce. “And what the pilot was thinking, when it did."

    KIRO 7 will update the story, as Federal investigators search for the pilot, and the reason behind the falling debris.

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