• Plan in works for tallest skyscraper to go up in Seattle in 20 years


    SEATTLE - Plans are in the works for building the tallest skyscraper to go up in Seattle in 20 years.


    Developers will break ground on a new high-rise at Fifth Avenue and Columbia Street this summer after years of putting the project on hold due to the economy.


    The new high-rise would be taller than the Space Needle, but the developer is constructing the building in a way that allows United First Methodist Church next door to be saved from demolition.


    Plans to build the new 660-foot-tall building in the heart of downtown Seattle have been in the works since 2008, but have been on hold since the economy tanked.


    The president of Daniels Real Estate, who owns the property, said Seattle’s economy is bouncing back and the company plans to break ground this summer.


    The building may include a four-star hotel in the first 15 stories, as well as dining and entertainment, but architects had to get creative for the skyscraper to fit between two historic sites, the Rainier Club and the church.


    It also features green technology, such as solar panels on the roof.     


    Daniels Real Estate is known for bringing in the new while preserving the old.


    People who live in the area are glad the church will be preserved as part of the builder’s plans.


    “If you can do something the community needs from an economic standpoint, but also bring something more to the community, that is really what drives our boat,” said Daniels Real Estate President Kevin Daniels.


    The building is the tallest to go into the downtown core in 20 years.


    Most new buildings are in the South Lake Union area, but the developer said downtown Seattle is where business happens and where his future tenants want to be.

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