• Pioneer Square's Volume declared as chronic public nuisance


    SEATTLE - A Pioneer Square nightclub is being put on notice by Seattle police if it doesn’t clean up its act. 

    Seattle police and the city attorney’s office have declared Volume a chronic public nuisance. If the club doesn’t improve the city could shut it down. 

    This year, the Seattle Police Department has received 144 calls about the venue, which include assaults and fights. 

    In one case, police had to use pepper spray to break up a fight that involved 10 people. 

    The owner told KIRO 7 that he is working with the city to make improvements. 

    “We’re calling about a meeting with the City Council as well as the police chief in figuring out how to make it a safer and better night,” said club owner Matthew Chu. 

    In addition to getting shut down, the owner could get fined up to $25,000. 

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