• Pierce County officers enforce special DUI patrols this weekend

    By: Henry Rosoff


    BONNEY LAKE, Wash. - Police chiefs from around Pierce County went from bar to bar sharing the story of Gary Slick Saturday night, while their officers were on special DUI enforcement patrols.

    “We have quite a few officers out tonight,” said Fircrest Police Chief John Cheesman while inside one of the first bars they stopped at in Bonney Lake.  “We want to make sure people know we’re out here tonight, and people know we’re out and doing a dedication to Gary Slick.”

    Slick was 47 years old when he was hit and killed by James Southard, who was drunk and high on meth.  The August, 2012, death was Southard’s second time killing with his car.  He was also convicted of vehicular homicide after a 1999 crash.

    “It is our mission, and the mission of all the officers on the road, to get the people that choose to drink and drive, and drug and drive,” said Bonney Lake Police Chief Dana Powers.

    On Friday, local law enforcement dedicated a memorial to Slick ahead of Saturday evening’s special DUI enforcement.  The chiefs also met with their impaired driving task force patrol members to tell Slick’s story.

    The goal is to make sure bars keep people safe ahead of the fun and festivities next week during Super Bowl weekend, and beyond

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