• Passengers escape burning bus

    By: Alison Grande


    LYNNWOOD, Wash. - A bus full of passengers caught fire Tuesday night on I-5 in Lynnwood.

    Passenger Sue Champness said a passenger in the back seat shouted, “’Hey you, the bus is on fire!' We all turned around and realized there was smoke pouring from the engine," said Champness.

    The driver pulled the bus over. Flames engulfed the back of the bus, smoke poured inside. The driver and 21 passengers on board the bus were able to get off safely. The state patrol shut down lanes of Northbound I-5 at 196th in Lynnwood so fire crews could get flames out.

    Passengers waited along the side of I-5. 

    "I've never been in a bus or a car that has caught fire so quickly and we all got off, nobody was injured," said Champness.

    The Bellair shuttle bus was transporting passengers from Sea-Tac airport to the Canadian border with stops along the way.

    Another bus came to pick up the passengers.

    The state patrol says the fire started in the engine compartment. They won't investigate further, because no one was injured.

    Champness, who flew in from San Francisco, got off the replacement bus at the next stop. She then took a taxi to visit her brother in Stanwood.

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