Passenger ejected in fatal motorcycle crash saved by net


SEATTLE - A passenger who was thrown from a motorcycle during a crash was saved by netting used to catch road debris.  The driver was killed.

The motorcycle was on the southbound onramp of Interstate 5 from the West Seattle Bridge just after 1 a.m. Wednesday.

The ramp curves sharply, and according to the Washington State Patrol, the motorcycle was going too fast and lost control.

The force of the crash ejected the passenger, 22 year-old Hayley Meacham.  She was thrown in between the onramp and southbound I-5, landing in netting installed between the two that is typically used to catch road debris.

Her injuries were serious, but are not believed to be life-threatening. 

The motorcycle driver, a 32 year-old man from Kent, died at the scene.

A Washington State Patrol news release said both were wearing helmets.

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