• Parkland father charged with murdering his 2-year-old daughter

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Salvador Sanchez-Orozco came into court wearing a specially made suicide prevention suit as he was charged with first degree murder in the death of his two year-old daughter Daveena.

    Prosecutors say the 26 year old Sanchez-Orozco killed the little girl to punish his wife Faye, possibly because of some comments he read on her Facebook page last month. Daveena Sanchez’ great grandfather said he knew Sanchez-Orozco was angry with his wife, but said she didn’t expect him to hurt his daughter. “None of us did”, said Frank Lima fighting tears. “No we didn’t.”

    Daveena Sanchez was found dead inside the family’s Parkland apartment on Wednesday after Sanchez-Orozco called 911 telling the dispatcher he had killed the girl and was going to commit suicide. Deputies arrived to find him with a ligature around his neck, nearly unconscious. They revived him and took him into custody.

    According to a probable cause affidavit Sanchez-Orozco confessed to the murder during an interview with detectives telling them, "I strangled her I snapped".  Investigators say he left a suicide note that  commented on his wife's behavior and wrote that he was going to kill himself and 'take my daughter with me.' Detectives say Sanchez-Orozco changed his mind and tried to perform CPR on the girl at one point but it was already too late.

    “It’s really shocking for everyone”, said Daveena’s aunt Bonita Todd. “I mean I just want everyone to know that nobody expected this.”

    Prosecutors said Sanchez-Orozco could face an exceptional sentence that will leave him in prison for life. If released he faces the possibility of deportation because he is a Mexican citizen.

    Lima said he would like to see more severe punishment. “I think they out to hand the sucker. And slow hang him so he has to suffer.”

    Sanchez-Orozco was ordered held on $2,000,000. bail. He remains on suicide watch in the Pierce county jail.

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