• Parents, police on alert after luring incident in West Seattle

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE -  A man tried to lure a 10-year-old girl into his car in West Seattle Tuesday. It's the  fourth incident near West Seattle Schools in the last few weeks.

    The fifth-grade girl from Hope Lutheran School was walking to her mom’s car after school.  According to the police report, the man said, “Hey little girl, come get in the car with me.  I will take you home.”

    The girl screamed “no,” ran to her mom’s car, and locked herself inside.

    When the girl’s mother, who works at Hope Lutheran School, got to the car, she called 911.

    Last month, a man exposed himself to girls on the playground at Holy Rosary school.  

    A man was also parked by the playground at Westside School.  He wasn't wearing any pants.

    Police don’t know if it’s the same man, but parents think it has to be.

     “It almost has to be the same person,” said Rob McAllister.  He has two children at Hope Lutheran School and received in email about the luring attempt.

    “Now it’s kind of escalated.  It’s not just driving by in your car and being a pervert.  It’s trying to get someone in the car with you, which is the biggest concern,“ McAllister said.

     His fifth-grade son, Reece, is in class with the victim.  

    “She was walking down to the lowers (parking lot) and she was going down to get in her car and someone tried to like kidnap her,“ said Reece McAllister.

     According to the police report, the girl did not get a good look at the man or his vehicle.

    Police have stepped up patrols in the area and schools are warning parents.  Holy Rosary and Hope Lutheran School are just one block apart.

    Parents want the man caught.

    “What’s the next step? It would be to get a kid and you just pray that doesn’t happen,” said Rob McAllister.

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