• Pacific residents hope to save their city from being annexed by Auburn


    PACIFIC, Wash. -  The city of Pacific is on the verge of becoming a part of Auburn, and some residents are hoping they can save their city.


    Pacific has been a city for 103 years, and is close to being dissolved and absorbed by larger, neighboring Auburn.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Frank Field spoke with Pacific residents who don’t think being a part of a larger city will be a good thing.


    “I want to save our little town. We’ve been a little town for so long. Take care of each other. I just feel right to be in Pacific,” said resident Joanne Wilson.


    Wilson is one of a half-dozen people who went door-to-door telling residents to attend Monday’s Pacific City Council meeting and to tell council members not to allow the city to be a part of Auburn.


    If Pacific gets annexed by Auburn, residents are worried they will lose their small-town character and see their taxes go up.


    “You can expect your water to go up, your sewer to go up, police protection to go up,” said another Pacific resident Don Tompson.


    Earlier this year, Pacific’s Mayor, Cy Young, was arrested, fired the city’s department heads and has yet to replace them. This all happened in 11 months since he took office.


    Kris Mott hopes the mayor will resign so Pacific can move forward.


    “They City has basically run a course into a ditch. We’re sinking and day-by-day it’s getting worse,” said Mott.


    Former council member Gary Van Hee told KIRO 7 that he wants a return to normalcy.


    “I would like to see a fully functioning and staffed police department, and I would like to see all those positions that are unfilled, filled, and bring the city back to a professionally running city,” said Van Hee.


    The Pacific City Council moved Monday’s meeting to a gymnasium to make room for what is expected to be a large crowd that will try to save the city.

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