• Owners of dog shot by police sue city of Des Moines


    DES MOINES, Wash. - The owners of a dog shot by police officers have filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Des Moines, saying police violated their civil rights.


    Officers received a call in November 2010 reporting a dog that was loose in traffic.


    Officers first chased the large dog, a Newfoundland named Rosie, and then used a stun gun on the animal.  Finally, she was shot and killed.


    Des Moines officers said Rosie had lunged at them.


    The Seattle Times said three reviews of the incident ruled the officers were justified in the shooting.


    The dog’s owners, the Wright family, said their dog could have easily been detained in a neighbor’s yard, where police found it.  


    That neighbor, Lora Perry, said she hadn't noticed the dog as she was doing yard work.


    Perry said when she did see Rosie, the dog did not frighten her.


    “She didn’t appear dangerous; she appeared scared because she just stared at me. She was frozen, she didn’t move at all,” said Perry.


    Perry said officers went into her yard with guns.


    In a controversial move, the Des Moines Mayor, Dave Kaplan, attended a memorial for the dog.


    Earlier this year, the family filed a case in Snohomish County Superior Court, but it was dismissed because of statute of limitation issues.

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