ONLY ON KIRO 7: Woman in SPD stalking case says, ‘He still is not leaving me alone'

By: Alison Grande


The alleged victim of Seattle Police Detective David Blackmer broke her silence. She says Blackmer has already violated the court order to leave her alone, claiming he called her Monday.

In the court documents her name is A.R. She told KIRO-7's Alison Grande in a voicemail she's still afraid. She said Blackmer called her on Monday from a rehab facility in Florida.

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"I feel that he is still not leaving me alone. It's intimidating and scary, especially with the things he has threatened me with," said A. R in her voicemail message. 

Blackmer was arrested for domestic violence assault, cyberstalking, and identity theft.

He's accused of creating a Facebook page in her name with naked pictures and videos of them having sex.

The victim says he created that Facebook page as retaliation after she confronted him at his Everett house in front of his family.

Blackmer was arrested July 26. He appeared before a judge on July 27. After Blackmer was released from jail he left for a rehab facility in Florida.

He was ordered in court not to contact his victim and not to use the internet.  His victim, who is his ex-girlfriend, said Blackmer has already done both.

Read the probable cause documents in the case here.

"He obviously does not stop. They have told him he could lose his job. He could lose everything. He still continues to contact me," said A.R.

She filed a police report on Tuesday with the King County Sheriff's Office. KIRO-7 was told tonight that the police report was sent to the Seattle Police Department and will become part of the larger investigation.

The victim said she is scared of Blackmer, she felt better knowing he is in Florida. Before he left the state she said she sat at home with her gun, ready to defend herself.

She doesn't feel enough is being done to keep her safe. "I don't feel the Seattle PD are taking it serious. They said he'd leave me alone and I was safe," said the victim.

She is puzzled as to why he's in rehab in Florida. She said Blackmer doesn't have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

On the phone Wednesday night, Seattle Police said detectives worked quickly. It was one week from the time the victim complained to an SPD employee being arrested for a felony.

As for the victim feeling unsafe, "We understand why the victim would feel this way, which is typical in serious domestic violence cases.

We regret the incident ever happened in the first place, " said Detective Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department.

Blackmer will be in Florida for 30 days. He has not yet been charged, for now he's on paid leave.

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