• ONLY ON KIRO 7: Firefighter viciously attacked

    By: Henry Rosoff


    Seattle, Wash. - It was a rare and vicious attack on a firefighter, according to police.

    Brandon Berry was arrested in the attack on a Seattle firefighter from Engine 10, who according to court documents, was just trying to help him.  When Berry appeared in court he had a bruise on his face and scrapes on his arms and hands from firefighters subduing him.

    It happened Saturday on a Metro Bus stopped here near fourth and Main.  Firefighters were called because it looked like Berry was having a seizure.

    According to court documents, they helped him to his feet then he looked a firefighter right in the eye for a moment before he viciously “headbutted” a firefighter right in the mouth.  As firefighters scrambled to tackle him, he grabbed the firefighter’s hand and bit down.  He also tried to bite a second firefighter.

    A spokesman for the King County prosecutor’s office says it’s very rare for a firefighter to get attacked like this.  He said within the last year there have been no felony attacks involving the SFD.  According to a spokesman, police and nurses more commonly are the targets of these types of attacks.

    Police believe the whole situation was all a drug induced rage.  It was also not Berry’s first time assaulting someone.  Police said in the past he repeatedly used the excuse of “not remembering.”

    Tuesday evening, Berry was still in King County Jail being held on $25,000 bail.  Prosecutors said they’re rushing to press formal charges against him so he does not get out of jail anytime soon.

    A spokesman for Seattle Fire said the firefighter is doing better.

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