• Animal shelter burglar breaks in through doggy door

    By: Henry Rosoff


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Early Tuesday morning, the Thurston County Animal Services surveillance system captured a man brazenly breaking into the building.

    Shelter Manager Connie Patterson said the burglar kicked his way in through special drop-off door designed to let people leave stray or abandoned pets overnight.

    He made trips back and forth through a small opening he bent open, stealing cameras and even several duty belts, complete with batons and Animal Services officer badges.

    Fortunately, he did not go after any animals, including newborn German shepherd puppies.

    Patterson said this is not the first time someone tried to break into the building through the drop doors, however “we would have to not give the public the ability to drop off a stray at night by totally closing these doors.”

    The plan is to hire a welder to make the drop doors more secure. 

    If you recognize the burglar, call Olympia police.

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