• 1 dead in Spanaway officer-involved shooting

    By: Natasha Chen


    SPANAWAY, Wash. - One person is dead after an officer-involved shooting in Spanaway early Saturday morning.

    Just after midnight, deputies in Pierce County pulled over a pickup truck for a routine traffic stop.

    The deputies knew that the passenger in the vehicle had a felony warrant that had just been issued on some drug charges as well as identity theft,” said Detective Sgt. Jerry Bates, with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

    As the two deputies attempted to arrest the suspect, they got in a physical struggle with the man.

    The suspect then used a can of pepper spray to attempt to disable both of our deputies. One of our deputies was able to draw his weapon and stop that threat. Unfortunately the guy died,” Bates said. 

    Mike Boiel said he was the one driving the truck. He identified his friend as 21-year-old Michael Bourquin-Burch.

    Bourquin-Burch’s girlfriend was also sitting in the truck at the time.

    Boiel said the three of them were going to get money from an ATM to buy some food before going home.

    He said they were not told why they were pulled over.

    Boiel said that as deputies tried to arrest his friend, “He started to put his hands up. All you see was the officer punch him in the side, and they started fighting and wrestling after that. It went around and around, and then Michael reached in his back pocket and maced them,” Boiel said.

    While he and the girlfriend remained inside the truck, he said one deputy fired three times, paused, then fired a fourth time.

    “Michael was laying flat right here, dead as you could be,” Boiel said.

    Boiel, who has a bruise on his face, said he was then handcuffed himself. He said the deputies threw him to the ground and punched him.

    Authorities said the suspect was deceased at the scene and the two additional occupants of the vehicle were detained for further questioning, then released.

    The two deputies involved are fine and were treated at the scene by Central Pierce Fire and Rescue.

    They are on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues.

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