• Olympia Trail attack: Another woman comes forward with story of chilling confrontation

    By: Richard Thompson


    Olympia, Wash. - Daniel Leatherman, 21, is accused of attacking and trying to rape a woman on Olympia's Woodland Trail Monday.

    The woman escaped and made a frantic call to 911.

    "He grabbed me and pulled my pants off and dragged me into the brush. I begged and pleaded and told him anything I could think to get him to stop," she said. The victim told dispatchers Leatherman finally stopped the attack, telling the 911 operators, "He did not rape me, but he did threaten to kill me if I kept screaming."

    The victim told dispatchers Leatherman actually let her leave, and that's when she called police.

    KIRO-7 has discovered while police were hunting for Leatherman after the first attack, he walked right into a tent that was located a short distance off the trail. Rebekah Johnson was sleeping inside and awoke to the the stranger hovering over her. "I think his intentions were to rape me," Johnson told KIRO-7.

    Johnson said Leatherman showed little emotion and asked her to have sex with him. Johnson said, "He offered to pay me for sex and he grabbed my arm and I said, 'Let go before I stab you.'"

    Johnson said a friend of hers arrived at the tent at that moment and scared Leatherman off. Johnson told KIRO-7, "I could have been raped or even killed, and I'm just very thankful for my friend showing up when he did."

    Olympia police said they are still investigating the possibility that Leatherman has additional victims. Anyone with information is asked to call the Olympia Police Department.

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