• Olympia prepares for May Day

    By: Richard Thompson


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Olympia police have been meeting with other law enforcement agencies and businesses as they prepare for potential protests this May Day.

    "We've had a lot more chatter. There have been more posters put up than there were last year and more blogs suggesting people come to Olympia," said police spokesperson Laura Wohl.

     May Day violence has hit Olympia in the past.

    In 2008, protesters smashed windows at several banks and temporarily shut down some city streets.

    "That won't be tolerated," Wohl told KIRO 7 on Monday.

    Police officers have met with local banks in recent weeks and given them suggestions on how to "target harden" their businesses to avoid damage if protests take a turn on Wednesday.

    However, Wohl stressed there were no specific threats being made regarding Olympia. Wohl says the Police Department wants businesses to stay open and hopes people do not avoid the area.

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