• Officer, suspect go to hospital after officer-involved shooting

    By: Joanna Small


    SEATTLE -  A Seattle police officer and a suspected burglar both ended up in the hospital after the officer shot the man.  It happened in the Mount Baker neighborhood, where a woman tells KIRO 7 she witnessed the whole ordeal. 

    Police responded to a 911 call about three men trying to break into a house with crowbars.  When they arrived, two of the men surrendered, but a third fled and ended up on a roof on 39th Avenue.  Ashley Haynes is staying in that house with her sister and watched from the kitchen window as police tried to convince the man to come down peacefully.

    "They kept shining the light on him and he kept saying. 'Get the light out of my face, bro, get it out of my face,' and the policeman said. 'I'm not moving the light -- jump down, get down,’” she told us.

    Haynes says the suspect finally jumped and tried to run through the side yard.  That's when police say he attacked one of the officers and that officer shot him.  He was taken to Harborview in serious condition.  There's still blood in the gravel and a broken fence post.

    "I heard the pops and then just heard someone say’ shots fired,’ and then a bunch of people converging of through the gate back there,” Haynes explained, pointing to where the broken fence post is now. 

    The new police chief and the assistant police chief came to the scene last night to observe the investigation.  They could only confirm on was fired, but Haynes said she heard two.  The officer was treated at the hospital for minor injuries during the fight.

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