North Seattle neighborhood fights back against bike lanes

By: Linzi Sheldon


SEATTLE - People in a North Seattle neighborhood are fighting back against a bike lane they say will make a dangerous road even worse.

"It's a very narrow street and it's a very busy street," Michael Boykin said.

He said traffic on Roosevelt Way NE is already dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians crossing.

He said the city's decision to create a bike lane in the Maple Leaf neighborhood will make it worse.

Right now on Roosevelt Way between 75th and 85th, there's parking on both sides.

The city wants to eliminate parking on the west side of the street, move the yellow line, and add a bike lane on the opposite side next to the parking there.

Boykin said that pushes cars closer to pedestrians on the sidewalk.
'They're in the line of fire," Boykin said.

He said he and other neighbors attended a public meeting on this last September and told the city that the street was too busy and too narrow for a bike lane. Boykin says he thought the idea was dead until he received a mailer a few weeks ago saying the project was starting.

KIRO 7 asked Rick Sheridan with SDOT about neighbors' concerns.

"These neighbors are saying their concerns were not addressed," KIRO 7 said.

"So we've heard concerns about a number of issues about roadway capacity, bus stops, pedestrian safety, parking," 
Sheridan said. 

"We've analyzed all of them and we've addressed them to our satisfaction. We believe this roadway will successful accommodate both the bike facility and the motor vehicles that use it daily."

Sheridan said 50-percent of the comments they've received on the project have been in support of it and 50-percent have been against.

Cyclists KIRO 7 spoke with were split.

"There's so much traffic coming in and out!" Morgan Miller said. "For me it would be unsafe."

"I'm just really happy about it!" Maggie vanDevanter said. "I think it's great."

The project is scheduled to be finished in early October.

SDOT said it will review it to ensure that it is improving safety.

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