• No quick decision will be made for sale of Sacramento Kings

    By: Chris Francis


    SEATTLE - NBA commissioner David Stern said Wednesday that a decision on whether the Sacramento Kings will be sold to Chris Hansen and moved to Seattle will not be decided until sometime in May.

    Stern spoke to reporters in New York after a meeting where owners considered a proposal by Hansen’s group and one just turned in by potential new owners in Sacramento. He said there were just too many factors to make a quick decision.

    "The committee still has additional  questions as they go through this in great detail about deals, finance,  real estate challenges, environmental reviews and lawsuits and the like," Stern said.

    The committee will brief the full board of governors during their two-day meetings Thursday and Friday, but there will be no vote. He said the committee, comprised of 12 owners, will likely meet again next week. The owners will meet in person or via teleconference and then possibly make their recommendation to the full board.

    From there, Stern said protocol must be followed. “They will make a final determination, or likely make a final determination and then issue a report which under our constitution requires seven business days for the owners to have it and study it." After that Stern said, there could then be a vote.

    The Seattle group led by hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen has a deal to purchase 65 percent of the franchise from the Maloof family. Wednesday Hansen completed the purchase of the final parcel of land he will need to build a new arena in Sodo.

    Sacramento has put together a group to make a backup offer should the NBA turn down Hansen’s bid. NBA officials have refused to say if the second bid matches Seattle's. Stern reiterated that expansion has not been discussed.

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