• No charges will be filed against Pacific officers, mayor


    PACIFIC, Wash. - After the Pacific City Council president made allegations of misconduct by the mayor and members of the police department, an investigation was launched, but no criminal charges will be filed, King County Sheriff Steve Strachan said.


    On July 18, City Council President Leanne Guier made a formal request to the Sheriff's Office to conduct an independent investigation.


    The allegations included destroying public records, assaulting employees and intimidating a public servant.


    The Sheriff's Office requested that the Washington State Patrol conduct the investigation into allegations against officers and the Sheriff's Office would handle the investigation involving mayor Cy Sun.


    The Sheriff's Office submitted its findings to the King County Prosecutor’s Office.  After reviewing the investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office determined that no charges would be filed due to a lack of evidence.


    The Washington State Patrol also completed its portion of the investigation.


    After discussion and review by prosecutors, it was determined there was no evidence to justify criminal charges against any officers.

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