• New video captures minivan running over skateboarder

    By: Graham Johnson


    SEATTLE - Astonishing video shows a minivan running over a skateboarder in Crown Hill after a violent confrontation.

    The video, taken from a Metro bus Oct. 20 on 15th Avenue Northwest, shows Otis Harris' minivan at a stoplight in a right turn lane.

    It shows a man striking the front of his van with a skateboard, then Harris running him over.

    "The guy that started it was the guy with the skateboard," Harris told KIRO 7.

    Harris said the skateboarder was standing in the lane, keeping him from turning.

    He said the young man gave him the finger and yelled racial slurs when he asked him to move.

    "So I made an attempt to go around him. As you can see, the car lurched a little forward to get him to step to the side." Harris said.

    Harris told police he might have bumped the skateboarder.

    The man then slammed his skateboard against the hood and the windshield.

    As he came around to the driver's side, Harris hit the gas.

    He ran over the man's stomach with his front tires, but says he stopped before the back tires hit him.

    "I had no intention on killing him or nothing like that. I just wanted to diffuse him from hitting me with that board," Harris said.

    Harris said there's another video clip of the incident he recorded himself from a camera on his windshield.

    Harris turned the video over to Seattle police, who are still sorting out what happened.

    "I'm not worried about going to jail. I'm more worried about living. Because that guy was crazy enough to peel my head with that skateboard and I wasn't going to have it," Harris said.

    The skateboarder went to the hospital with a pelvic injury.

    His current condition is unknown.

    KIRO 7 has not been able to reach him for his side of the story.


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