• New Twitter stream informs citizens of police activity in neighborhoods


    SEATTLE - The Seattle Police Department released a new online tool that will allow people to know police activity going on in neighborhoods.


    Tweets by Beat is a Twitter stream that can be used on a computer or smartphone. Police will use it to give people information right away.


    Eastlake is one of 51 individual beats in Seattle and KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Essex Porter showed a few people about the new tool and asked about their thoughts.


    “Parking violation, suspicious person, accident, ooooh,” said Katy Coic.


    After putting an address into the Seattle Police Department’s webpage, the site will direct a user to the Twitter stream.


    “I think it’s really good that the police are trying to keep us updated and informed, so we can maybe participate as responsible citizens,” said Jocelyn Wang.


    The automated stream is another way police are trying to stay in touch with citizens.


    “This is a way that you can help keep track of you know, what was that siren about, why’s the helicopter overhead? You can get the direct information to you,” said Mayor Mike McGinn.


    As of right now, the information will be delayed by an hour.


    “If there’s any safety issues we can set up a perimeter,” said Sgt. Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department.


    After meeting a few people in Eastlake, it became clear that not everyone is on Twitter.


    “If I did Twitter, I’m sure it could be beneficial, but I don’t do Twitter, so,” said Kira Jackson.


    The stream is now live and can be found at this link: www.seattle.gov/police/tweets/ 

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