• New speed cameras in place at 4 Seattle school zones


    SEATTLE - Starting Monday, new specialized cameras placed in some Seattle school zones can result in speeding drivers being ticketed.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Alexandra Limon watched one of the new cameras in action near Thurgood Marshall Elementary School.


    Limon said though a large sign with flashing yellow lights first warns the drivers of the camera, many still sped by.


    Within minutes, Limon saw nearly a dozen cars set off the camera, which takes a photo of the vehicle’s license plate if the vehicle is speeding in the school zone.


    Felice Williams said she thought the cameras were needed.


    “People do fly up and down Martin Luther King (Jr. Way) faster than the speed limit, so I think it’s a good thing,” said Williams.


    Four Seattle schools received the new cameras.


    “(Drivers) should really pay attention because some of them are not really cautious,” said Charlotte Banister.


    Banister, who is a crossing guard near Thurgood Marshall Elementary, said even she was caught on camera speeding.


    “It showed my license (plate) and everything, and I thought I was doing the speed limit,” said Banister.


    Banister was lucky enough to receive only a warning, but the grace period ended Monday.


    Drivers caught speeding by the school zone cameras will receive a $189 ticket.


    The new Seattle school zone cameras are near Thurgood Marshall, Broadview-Thomson, Olympic View and Gatewood elementary schools.


    Seattle police said speeding is a problem near those schools and that the cameras are for safety and not to generate money.


    The cameras are only active when children are present and flashing yellow lights warn drivers when school zone speed limits are in effect.


    “You should know where the school zone is.  There are signs to tell you where it begins and where it ends,” said school karate instructor Joanne Factor.


    Depending on how well the program works, more cameras may be installed near other Seattle schools.

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