• New SDOT director has few specific plans

    By: Nick McGurk


    SEATTLE - SDOT Acting Director Scott Kubly, when asked by KIRO Tuesday about specific fixes to transportation issues in Seattle, gave general answers. 

    Kubly, a nominee for SDOT director, spoke on Tuesday morning at the Seattle City Council Transportation Committee. 

    "We can't make everybody happy all of the time with some of the decisions that we make,” Kubly said in the meeting. 

    After the meeting, we asked him what hard decisions he plans to make. 

    "I've just been in the city for a little bit, so I'm still learning what those are going to be,” said Kubly.

    We asked him about whether he plans to improve the timing of city stoplights. 

    "That's something that I'm gonna have to look at,” said Kubly. 

    After our interview at city hall, we pressed his spokesperson for more specifics, and we were told his number one priority for Seattle would be a "safety assessment" for the most vulnerable people on roads--like pedestrians and cyclists. 

    Kubly has asked his traffic division to look at collisions, identify patterns, and try to find solutions. 

    We also asked whether Kubly would ask for more money to fix potholes. 

    He didn't answer the question directly, but he spoke about the importance of pothole repair. 

    An SDOT spokesperson told KIRO that Kubly is concerned about addressing pothole complaints and wants to meet the goal of filling them within three business days.

    Kubly told KIRO he is taking snowplows seriously. 

    “Snowplowing is something you need to get right every time. And that’s one of the first things that I asked was, for a briefing on snow,” said Kubly.

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