• New Lulu app lets women rate men they know

    By: Colleen West , Digital Editor


    Ladies all know about the longtime practice of men rating women on scales of 1-10, but women now have their own rating scale for the opposite sex. But men beware – it goes much deeper than a simple numbers game.

    The Business Insider reports the new app headquarter in London, Lulu, allows women to rate the men they know, amd there’s nothing men can do about it.

     Here’s how it works.  Women download the app and sign in with their Facebook account.  It then pulls in their male Facebook friends and lets them see how those men were rated by other Lulu users.

     The app never posts to Facebook, leaving women free to rate men on humor, manners, ambition, commitment and looks. Their best and worst qualities are listed as well and women can favorite their men of choice.

     All reviews are anonymous, so women can research their latest crush, or create a profile for an ex, friend or whomever they might be dating.  The app also shows relationship status, age and where he went to school, if the information is available on Facebook.

     Using location data, men in their area will also show up in women’s feeds.

     Men who try to log in to Lulu will be blocked from using the app.

    Want to try out Lulu?  Download it here.

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