• New home of chameleon-like sex offender prompts police to call meeting


    KENT, Wash. - Kent police are so concerned about a sex offender who has the ability to change his appearance that they are holding a public meeting about the man moving into the downtown area.

     The meeting will be held at the Kent City Hall on Thursday to inform the public about 51-year-old Bennett Reedy, a Level 3 sex offender who was convicted of raping a woman he met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

     When KIRO 7 went to Reedy's new home in the 700 block of West Saar Street in downtown Kent, he said he had no idea why the news crew was there.

     Reedy also said he had no idea the Kent Police Department was planning a community meeting on Thursday because he moved into town.

     KIRO 7 reporter Amy Clancy showed him the police notice, which includes his most recent mug shot.

     "Do you believe you are a danger to this community?” asked Clancy.

     “No, I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way.  I’m not a risk. I’m not a risk,” said Reedy.

     Kent police Detective Melanie Frazier said she disagrees because Reedy moved close to a Kent senior center and has the ability to change his appearance.

     “He has the ability to change his (appearance) and disguise himself pretty easily. He can change his hair color, take his glasses off and change his beard.  And that’s concerning to us, and we want the public to be aware,” said Frazier.

     No one at the nearby senior center knew anything about Reedy or his proximity to the center.  Managers said they would post his picture.

     Reedy says none of concern is necessary because his rape conviction is 20 years old and he's a changed man.

     The public meeting will be held at 7 p.m.

     Reedy told Clancy he may attend.

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