• New fireworks, new music for July 4th on Lake Union

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - Everything is new for the July 4th celebration on Lake Union. After the previous producer of the fireworks show couldn't find sponsors, Seafair took  over and hired a different pyrotechnic company, Western Fireworks Display.

    It is currently setting up the display that will be broadcast live on KIRO 7. The owner of the fireworks company promised a show comparable to those in the past.

    Bob Gobet said more than 10,000 charges are being set up on a barge in the lake. They will be triggered by a computer that will wirelessly send commands to receivers that will electronically ignite the charges.

    The German-made computer controller called Galaxis is the only one being used in the United States. The same system was used for the fireworks display at the Summer Olympic Games in London. 

    The shells launched from mortars range from 2 inches in diameter to the size of a soccer ball. When they explode, some will resemble waterfalls, while others will look like a series of photo flashes.

    In years past, the 20-minute display was choreographed to mostly classical music. This year, Gobet said there will be mostly patriotic songs, starting with the national anthem.

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