• New details of couple's murderous crime spree emerge


    SEATTLE - New details have been revealed in the case of a couple who was arrested in SeaTac and is wanted in a West Coast crime spree.


    Police said the spree started in late August with a jail break in San Bernardino and shots fired that wounded a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy.


    Investigators said that last week, the pair killed a woman near San Francisco in the city of Hercules.


    On Wednesday, there was a chase and crash in SeaTac that got the couple arrested.


    Police documents obtained by KIRO 7 Eyewitness News said Tania Washington, 25, was looking directly at a SeaTac police officer who was trying to arrest her when she suddenly gunned her car’s engine, rammed the police car and tried to drive away.


    When that failed, her husband, Darnell Washington, 24, grabbed the wheel and rammed the police car several more times, according to police documents.


    The officer used a stun gun on the man and then arrested the couple, ending what police said was a West Coast crime spree.


    Police said the couple was driving a stolen Subaru with stolen plates while on the run from a string of crimes in California.


    “This is a very violent crime spree that could have continued,” said King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.


    The Washingtons are being held in the King County Jail for probable cause of being fugitives from justice, assault, auto theft, violating the firearms act and eluding police.  Those possible charges are only for alleged crimes that occurred in SeaTac.


    According to investigators, the couple’s crime spree started at the San Bernadino County Jail where, while Darnell Washington was awaiting sentencing for a robbery conviction, his wife helped him escape.


    Police said that days later, Darnell Washington tried to kill a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy, injuring him with a shotgun blast.


    Detectives in Hercules said they believe the Washingtons stabbed 55-year-old Susie Ko to death on Friday, then stole her blue Subaru, which is what police said the couple was driving when they were arrested Wednesday.


    News of the arrest in the Northwest brought relief for Ko's family.


    “After the discovery of this news (we’re feeling) much better.  We feel like we can probably get some sleep tonight,” said Simon Ko.


    Probable cause documents said both Tania and Darnell Washington, who are convicted felons, were armed at the time of their arrest, and both had warrants in California for murder and attempted murder.

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