• New cracks found in columns of Alaskan Way Viaduct


    SEATTLE - Inspectors with the Washington State Department of Transportation said new cracks have been found on the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

    During the viaduct’s most recent inspection, WSDOT bridge crews found new cracks as well as movement and widening of existing cracks along girders and supports near Spring and Seneca streets.

    WSDOT said the viaduct is safe for travel, but bridge engineers will complete a second inspection on March 22 to gather more information about the cracks before they can make repairs.

    “These small cracks are evidence that the 60-year-old bridge continues to deteriorate, and will continue to need constant attention to remain open,” said WSDOT bridge engineer Tom Baker. “We inspect the structure multiple times per year to identify issues, like these cracks, and make repairs.”

    According to WSDOT, the section of the viaduct is more than a half-mile north of the State Route 99 tunneling machine, and the cracks are not related to tunneling activity, though the cause is not yet known.

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