• 'Trees' design winner of new 6-month look for Space Needle


    SEATTLE - After soliciting votes from the public to choose a new paint design for the top of the Space Needle, the winning design, Trees, was announced Monday.


    The designer of the tree motif, Nicole Commins, will be the first person to have a design featured at the top of the Needle.


    The design will be painted as soon as weather allows and will remain through April.


    In her submission, Commins said she wanted the top of the Space Needle to look like it was standing in the middle of one of Washington's state parks.


    After the six-month period, the Needle will return to its standard white.


    The other design options were Seattle Roots, Umbrella, Trees, Deep Blue Sea, Retro Graphical or Galaxy Gold.


    The Needle was painted Galaxy Gold for its 50th anniversary.

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