• Neighbors work to get stolen gifts to 4-year-old boy

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Neighbors in Ballard have complained about a recent uptick in package thefts in their neighborhood.

    One homeowner said his packages weren't stolen, but thinks he found part of a package that was stolen.

    James Sillery said about two weeks ago he found three wrapped and partially torn gifts on his sidewalk steps.

    "Maybe they were stolen and as they were driving they ripped open the envelope and saw what there was. If there was anything in it they would have taken it," said Sillery.

    The gifts are wrapped in "Happy Birthday" gift wrap and the card is written to a 4-year-old boy named Lucian.

    "The card says 'Happy 4th birthday Lucian, Love you, Aunt Annie and Uncle Eric,'" said Sillery.

    Sillery went door-to-door asking neighbors if they knew a Lucian, but his search came up empty.

    Neighbors are also spreading the word about the lost gifts by local newsletters and message boards.

    Seattle Police Detective Renee Witt said that this is the start of the season when people start stealing unattended packages on porches.

    She said people should make arrangements if they are expecting a delivery.

    "Let the person know if at all possible that you're sending something and they can make arrangements to be home or to have the package delivered to maybe a neighbor," said Witt.

    Sillery said that if he can't reunite the gifts with Lucian in a year, he plans to donate them to a local library.

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