• Neighbors say illegal activities going on in Seattle motel


    SEATTLE - If neighbors near Aurora and 82nd are to be believed, the huge raid in Tukwila Tuesday, possibly the largest in King County history, should be repeated in Seattle.  "We see similar activities," said one neighbor who did not want his identity revealed. 

    He was not surprised by what police say happened routinely in three Tukwila motels:  the operators would take a cut of the prostitution and drug money made in their rooms.  "We've seen prostitution, we've seen drug deals, and we’ve seen all kinds of activities Illegal activities," he said, pointing to a woman walking back and forth from a van parked just outside the Everspring Inn. 

    When KIRO 7 cameras went inside Everspring, a friendly woman named Lulu Falo was at the front desk.  She confirmed the operators of Everspring also ran the Tukwila motels that were raided.  But she says there's no reason to suspect the same type of activity at Everspring.  "Over here, no."  Lulu even invited us to look around the motel, so we did.

    We came across a lot of (legal) pot smoke, and there were clearly people inside many of the rooms, but they did not answer our knocks on the door.

    But as we were in the elevator, the woman who had been walking back and forth from the van outside got in.  She did not seem fully coherent and was very, very thin.  We asked her point blank if she was involved in any illegal activity, which she denied.  "No, this is a cool place," she said, "no s___ like that happening here.  I’ve been here for five months."

    But outside, another man who goes by Shorty and claims to have lived at Everspring for a few years off and on said he saw people getting charged for "visitors."  He confirmed that meant johns and people looking for drugs.

    The anonymous neighbor says he doesn't know if the operators actually participate in the illegal activities, but he says they must know they're going on; and he believes they willfully look the other way.  "They just want to make money of course."

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