• Neighbors project "movie" on side of house to prove point

    By: Joanna Small


    SEATTLE - On Monday, Seattle City Council will vote on another housing issue-- this one concerns what can be built on small lots in single family zones.  

    To make a point about it, Benchview neighbors in West Seattle have been playing a “movie” on the side of an unfinished house for the last few nights.  It’s a power-point with slides about how ridiculous big houses on what they call tiny lots look.

    They say they fought the project in their own neighborhood for years.

    "We looked at this and said that's a billboard, let's turn it into a billboard so we had a billboard up there the last couple of nights telling city council please just limit the small-lot houses to two stories,” Dave Allen tells us.

    Council will vote Monday at 2 p.m.  Allen says the goal is keep them from allowing another house like this to go up somewhere else, but he doesn't think the new proposal goes far enough.

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