• Neighbors decry dumped trailer as dangerous eyesore


    SEATTLE - Homeowners in West Seattle are fed up with a severely damaged mobile home that was dumped in their neighborhood more than a week ago, saying it's an eyesore and a danger to children.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Chris Francis said it's still unclear who's responsible for the mess of sharp edges, shards of broken glass, jagged sheet metal and large wooden splinters that stick out from every angle.  It was dumped across the street from a playground.


    "Some guys pulled up, and I thought they were securing the load. And the next thing I knew they were pulling out, and the load was left here," said David Berger, who lives nearby.


    Berger said it happened about 6 a.m. the day before Thanksgiving.  He said in minutes, the trailer was dumped and the guys sped off.


    Berger said he was upset at first, and then had to explain it to his holiday guests.


    "We kind of put a spin on it, you know. This is an art project in the neighborhood.  But it's been kind of ugly. We thought since they tagged it, it would be picked up pretty quickly," he said.


    Berger said everyone has come to look -- police, the Parks Department, Seattle Public Utilities -- but nothing's been done.


    "A lot of kids come and play. People walk their dogs. This is a playfield where people come and play, kids play soccer here," Berger said.


    Police on Monday tagged the trailer as something that needed to be removed. But they haven't been able to take it away because it's in no shape to be towed. Crews will have to put it on a big truck or take it away in pieces.

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