• Neighbors complain of drug sales at Greenwood apartment house


    SEATTLE - Neighbors of an apartment house in Greenwood who say the building is rife with drug sales met with city officials Wednesday night.


    The neighbors said there's constant traffic in and out of the six-unit apartment house tucked between larger buildings near the corner of North 92nd Street and Greenwood Avenue North.


    "I pick up hypodermic needles out of my yard and my parking lot, and used condoms," said John Elsasser. "We don't call the police every time there's a drug deal. It would be pointless. We would call you literally daily."


    A group called Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors hosted Wednesday night's meeting, seeking solutions. 


    An assistant city attorney said she has contacted the landlord.


    "He seemed very willing to cooperate, to provide any assistance. Frankly, he was surprised that things were going wrong," said Assistant City Attorney Jana Jorgensen.


    Seattle police have been called to the address six times between September and February, once for an assault. The crimes are not serious enough in a 60-day period for the city to take control of the property under a chronic public nuisance ordinance.


    Neighbors were told to carefully document any illegal activity and to dial 911.  If the property owner doesn't work with them to clean the place up, they have the option of suing him for cash in small claims court, city officials said.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Chris Legeros knocked on the door of one of the apartments facing the alley, asking if anyone inside wanted to talk about the community meeting or the allegations of illegal activity here. The answer was "no."


    Legeros also left a message for the property owner, who did not return the call Wednesday night.


    Legeros said the neighborhood group is hoping for a face-to-face meeting and assurances from the landlord that he'll do whatever it takes to prevent crime on his property.  

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