Neighbor captures video of Lacey kids kicking, throwing puppy

by: Joanna Small Updated:


LACEY, Wash. - A South Sound woman may have saved a puppy's life.  She saw some neighbor kids abusing it and used a camera to capture some disturbing evidence.  This after Brandi Luckey says she watched helplessly for days as her neighbor's three young children abused their new puppy.

"I've seen them beat her on the head and kick her,” Brandi told us.

She says the kids hit 9-pound German shepherd mix Bella with a broom, stepped on her, and threw her across the backyard.

"It makes me want to go down and strangle them, seriously,” she said.  Instead, Brandi's boyfriend shot a video while Brandi called Crime Stoppers, then animal services.  She shared that video with law enforcement and us.

Officers seized the puppy, and now they want the mother of the three kids in the video charged with animal cruelty.  Brandi is convinced the woman knew what was happening.

"If I see this going on outside it makes me wonder what's going on inside,” Brandi said.

We tried to talk to the woman about it but no one came to the door of her apartment.

KIRO 7 was there when an Olympia veterinary hospital examined Bella today.  The vet noticed a limp and says Bella's X-rays will be sent to a radiologist, but she will be OK.

"They could easily have killed her; just stepping on her alone I'm surprised they didn't break some ribs,” Dr. Vicky Smith told us, holding Bella inside an exam room.

Brandi says knowing that-- she doesn't feel so helpless anymore.

"I can't save them all but I can say I saved at least one and that makes me feel good,” she concluded.

The animal services officers have asked for the Thurston County prosecutor to file charges against Bella's owner; we'll let you know when that happens.