• Yelm mom, nearly 3 dozen arrested at Yelm graduation party

    By: Joanna Small


    YELM, Wash. - Quick Facts:

    • 35 arrested made at graduation/birthday party
    • Homeowner, age 45, among those arrested
    • Of those arrested, 23 were underage

    Police said nearly three dozen current and former students at Yelm High School were busted at an underage drinking party in Thurston County.

    They were arrested during a graduation and birthday party in Yelm last weekend

    Neighbors on Far West Court in Yelm say loud, intoxicated kids littered their yards and vehicles with beer cans and urinated in their street -- yet that's not what upsets them the most.

    "How upset are you that it was a parent?" we asked one man, David Rogers.

    "Now that I think about it that makes me more mad than anything,” he told us.

    Rogers and others on his block are livid that -- police say -- the bash over the weekend was hosted by a 45-year-old mom.

    "She was drunk, yelling, swearing at the people trying to talk to her,” Rogers said, pointing down his street at where it happened.  “She came down and instigated two fights with neighbors."

    Wendi Bullard, another adult—21-year-old Sherman Good, and 33 current and former Yelm students including Bullard's son were arrested after Rogers and other neighbors called 911.

    "How many kids do you think drove away?" we asked another neighbor, who didn’t want to show her face on TV.

    "During the time before the cops got here?  Probably a handful,” she replied.

    The cops that came are part of Thurston County's new Party Intervention Patrol.

    "Last year was our first year and I'd say about half of our parties involve a parent or last year there was grandmother hosting the party, which unfortunately sends a pretty terrible message to the kid that it's okay to drink when you are younger,” said Jerry Noviello, who runs the program funded by the state’s traffic safety commission and designed to catch intoxicated teens before they get behind the wheel of vehicle.

    We wanted to ask Bullard about that but she drew the blinds and didn't come to her door.  But Rogers has a message for her -- it could have been worse.

    "I think about what if it was myself, my wife and my daughter, I don't want to be involved in that, I don't want to be hit by a drunk driver, especially a teenager."

    The Thurston County prosecutor tells us Bullard and Good are facing misdemeanor "furnishing to minors" charges.”  The kids got minor in possession tickets, but if they complete alcohol treatment, those will be wiped from their records.

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