• Hand gun brought to Kent elementary school


    KENT, Wash. - Two students found a handgun at a Kent elementary school that investigators said fell out of another student’s backpack.

     The gun was brought to Soos Creek Elementary Tuesday and fell out of a backpack there near the end of the school day.

     The two students that saw the gun picked it up and took it to a teacher.

     “The teacher immediately secured the gun, the principal was called and within moments the room was cleared,” said Chris Loftis with the Kent School District.

     The gun was not loaded.

     School officials immediately notified police.

     Officials said the student was not being bullied and no one was threatened.

     “This was just a little kid who made a really bad little kid decision,” said Loftis.

     According to school district officials, the student brought the gun to school because “it was cool.”

     “I do personally feel that video games are a big part of why these kids think these things are so cool, and it’s very unfortunate that a student would think it’s OK to bring it to school,” said parent Brooke Sabye.

     The student brought the gun from home.

     “I don’t have a gun in my house, but if the people have a gun, they should be careful and don’t let the kid get into it,” said parent Tan Lam.

     Officials said though the child meant no harm, there will be serious consequences.  State law requires that a student be expelled if they bring a firearm to school.

     “There has to be zero tolerance.  It just has to be that way,” said Sabye.

     The school and district are taking the incident very seriously.

     Counselors are available on campus for any students who wish to talk about the incident.

     Police will decide if the parents of the student who brought the gun to school will face any consequences.

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