• NBA delays vote on Sacramento Kings


    NEW YORK - The NBA will not vote this week on the future of the Sacramento Kings, but the NBA Board of Governors will still meet Thursday and Friday in New York. 

    The NBA Board of Governors had planned to decide whether or not the Sacramento Kings would relocate to Seattle and become the Sonics. 

    However, speculation is rising that the league may try to make Seattle and Sacramento happy.

    Sources have reported the league might use the extra time to consider adding an expansion team. 

    An official with the league said Tuesday that NBA Commissioner David Stern would meet with the media and address the situation on Friday. 

    A possible vote would then likely be a week or two away. 

    Sources said the vote could happen by email and would not necessarily require another meeting. 

    For the deal to go through, 23 of the league’s 30 owners would have to OK the sale to Hansen. Then, 16 of the 30 would have to approve the relocation.

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