• How much is the White House worth? Zillow posts listing


    Interested in a new home?  One with a lot of history?

    If it was for sale, the White House is estimated to have a selling price of $320 million, according to the real estate website Zillow.com.

    Zillow posted a listing for the 132-room mansion on 18 acres in Washington, D.C.

    The property contains a pool, greenhouse, bowling alley and a dentist’s office.

    President Barack Obama took part in a virtual roundtable on housing Wednesday with the CEO of Zillow.

    “Our home is back in Chicago – not the White House, that’s a rental,” joked Obama.

    The Obamas of course don’t pay rent at the White House.

    But if they did, Zillow said it would cost $1.8 million a month.

    See the full listing on Zillow.com

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