• 'Nasty Client' provides forum for businesses to review customers


    PHILADELPHIA - A Philadelphia man is gaining attention for his website – Nasty Client – which provides a forum for businesses to review clients.

    On NastyClient.com, businesses can anonymously file reports about the behavior of customers. The posts can then be viewed by other businesses in order to determine whether they should work with the clients.

    "Filing a report and reviewing people is nothing new," the site reads. "It's been done for years -- just not by us. It's being done every day by millions of people on sources like Angieslist, Yelp, Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer, and The B.B.B."


    "Filing a report here is the same as the small-business owner that posts a 'bad' check from a customer on the counter," according to NastyClient.com. 


    "You always see on the news 'another deadbeat contractor takes a deposit from a homeowner and doesn't do any work' or see reviews on Angie's List or Yelp where the person is just ripping a business to shreds, but you never get the business' side of the story and you never get to hear, 'Hey, that customer that's ripping on the business, maybe the customer's really the jerk,'" website founder Matt Stachel told Metro Philadelphia.

    Stachel said that all posts are vetted to ensure factual accuracy. Clients can respond to a complaint against them by using the site's "Client Rebuttal Request" form.

    It costs $15.99 per year to post and view reports on the website.

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