• Naked woman, burglary part of man's explanation for shots fired


    GIG HARBOR, Wash. - Police said weapons and a large cache of ammunition were found in the home of a man accused of shooting a rifle at a car, and his explanation to officers involved a bizarre story involving a naked woman and a burglary.


    Officers responded to a call of shots fired in the 3700 block of 38th Avenue Northwest in Gig Harbor on Tuesday.


    The victims, two women who worked together, told police that as they were locking up the gates where they work around 11:30 p.m., they heard three gunshots nearby, court documents said.


    The women, who were driving their own cars, began to drive away on 38th Avenue Northwest. After about a block, they saw a man in the road with a rifle, charging papers said. 


    One victim drove around the man, and the other said the man fired two shots toward her vehicle, one hitting a front tire, police said.


    The two women pulled over at a gas station and called police.


    According to charging documents, officers found multiple shell casings in the area and saw a man nearby, identified as Douglas McRae, whom they ordered to the ground.


    Officers said on the ground they found a Mini-14 rifle and a Glock handgun that each had a round in the chamber and loaded magazines.


    McRae told police he was just arriving home when he saw a man and a woman coming out of his house carrying guns, but when they saw him, they dropped the guns and ran, court papers said.


    Documents said McRae told police he fired four warning shots.


    Officers said as McRae was on the way to jail, he told the officer that he was in his house when he heard a knock on the window and saw a naked woman outside.


    Charging papers said McRae told the officer it was so cold that he had no choice but to let her inside, and he guessed that she had something to do with the burglary.


    Documents said a search of the McRae’s home revealed multiple weapons and large amounts of ammunition but no obvious signs of a break-in or burglary.


    McRae was charged with first- and second-degree assault Thursday.

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