Police: Man tackled 2 before fleeing naked into Green Lake



SEATTLE - Police spent nearly two hours trying to capture a naked man who was swimming in Seattle’s Green Lake after he attacked a teenaged girl and a man.


Seattle police said the man came up behind a 16-year-old girl and a 19-year-old man at Green Lake Park and tackled them to the ground around 4 p.m. Tuesday.


"(He) pretty much just attacked me from behind. I didn't even see it coming," said Daniel Gonzalez, one of the victims.


A witness to the attack called 911 and followed the man until police arrived.


When responding officers tried to talk to the man, he threw his sleeping bag at them and ran away, police said.


 The man then jumped into Green Lake and swam out to the center of the lake, at some point, removing his clothes.


Harbor Patrol, divers and a crisis intervention officer followed the man in boats trying to convince him to come out.


Initially, he was holding on to a buoy, but officers threw him a life ring, which he later discarded.


Video from Chopper 7 showed the man swimming to Duck Island where he may have gotten out of the water for a time.


Police brought in a diver and continued to pursue the man as he pushed a police boat away, swam directly under their boats and continued to evade police with various maneuvers.


Police threw the man a blanket, which he wrapped around himself as he went back onto Duck Island.  Shortly after, police were seen taking a gurney onto the island and the man was put onto a boat and brought back to shore, where an ambulance was waiting.


The man who was attacked suffered a broken finger.  The girl suffered non-life-threatening injuries.