• Mystery donor leaves Salvador Dali etching at Goodwill


    No one knows who left a signed Salvador Dali etching called "Reflection" at a Federal Way Goodwill donation station, but bidding on the work surpassed $5,000 on Thursday.


    The etching, from Dali’s "Cycles of Life Suite," is No. 126 of 150, the Tacoma News Tribune reported.


    Bidding started at $999 on Nov. 6 and reached $5,005 by Thursday on shopgoodwill.com.


    The News Tribune reported the item was simply left at the store.


    "Any time we get an art piece with a signature or a number, we set it aside," Dylan Lippert, e-sales manager at Tacoma Goodwill, told the paper.


    A quality control officer checked out the work.


    "She looked online and said it was particularly a high-value item," Lippert said.


    Lippert said the store manager then notified the online bidding operation.


    "He said, 'Hey, I think we have a Salvador Dali,’ and he brought it here," Lippert said. "It just showed up on our donation floor. It was kind of a surprise."

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