• Mudslide slams car on highway in Pacific, tree nearly crashes through it

    By: John Knicely


    PACIFIC, Wash. - The heavy rains led to a terrifying moment in Pacific as a woman drove to work Monday morning.  She was heading south on West Valley Highway when the hill gave way near Ellingson Road.  A mudslide slammed into her car and a tree nearly crushed her.

    “It was crazy,” said Ray Aviles, the woman’s brother.  “It just happened so quick.  All she heard was some crackling noises and it just came down.”
    A huge tree stump that had clearly been cut down in the past came barreling toward her car with the mud.  On its way down the tree caught a telephone wire that helped hold it up.  The top end of the tree stump stopped just inches from the passenger window.
    The mud surrounded the car and the woman couldn’t get out.  She called a friend who picked her up.
    Later in the morning, Aviles and some friends showed up to get the car out.  After shoveling out mud from the tires they were able to push and maneuver the car out.  The car only had a few visible scratches, but Aviles’ sister is definitely scarred by the ordeal.
    “She's all right, thank God,” said Aviles.  “It was pretty scary for her.”

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