• Mother and grandmother arrested after 2-year-old ingests meth

    By: David Ham


    Patrice Tannehill and Michelle Orndorff are both in jail on $250,000 bond each for allegedly allowing a 22-month-old girl to ingest meth.

    "I don't know how that could happen. You hear about it you just don't ever seem to think it's next door," said Ty Gorshong, who lives next door to the women.

    On Sept. 26, Auburn police were notified by Child Protective Services that the toddler was taken to the hospital. She tested positive for amphetamines.

    Court documents show that witnesses said that when they saw the girl, her "breathing was fast, like panting, her head bobbing up and down, her hands were moving weird and the child was 'acting crazy.'"

    The girl's mother, Tannehill admitted to detectives she didn't take her daughter to the hospital when she noticed her daughter acting strangely because she had outstanding warrants.

    A social worker at the hospital also said that the girl had a blistered cigarette burn on the palm of her right hand, a bruise on her lower back and an abrasion on her right foot that Orndorff, the girl's grandmother, said she pulled a piece of glass out of.

    Prosecutors said both Tannehill and Orndorff smoked meth daily.

    Orndorff denied using any drugs but detectives later found a baggie of meth in Orndorff's pocket. She told detectives she believed that her daughter was running a meth lab out of her garage.

    When detectives searched the house, they found several drug pill containers, drug pipes, scales and a white crystal substance that tested positive for methamphetamine on the floor -- all within reach of the little girl.

    Gorshong said he did see a lot of traffic in and out of the house at odd hours of the day, but didn't think the toddler would be affected.

    "I never seen anything to think the baby might be in danger," he said.

    The 22-month-old girl was treated and released from the hospital.

    Auburn police said she is expected to be okay.

    Tannehill and Orndorff will be arraigned Oct. 14 at 9 a.m.


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