• More police patrols welcome in downtown Seattle

    By: Chris Legeros


    Seattle is pouring another $400,000 into additional police patrols with the goal of cutting violent crime in certain hot spots.

    One of them is the transit corridor on Third Avenue. 

    Patricia Schulmeister welcomes the move. She said she would like police to patrol the area between Pike and Pine streets constantly. Just three days ago, two men started fighting on the sidewalk next to her while she was waiting for a bus. They knocked a sign board into her and she fell down. 

    Tessie Reed said she is still traumatized by the bus shooting downtown last Monday. She was sitting right behind the driver who was wounded. When asked whether she feels safe downtown, she said, "Not anymore." 

    Even in the middle of the day you can spot people struggling to stand up or even keep their eyes open. 

    Isis Bacani admitted she was under the influence of crack. 

    "It's been a long, long couple of days and I've been shopping, getting high, shopping, wandering around, doing nothing," she said. 

    Mark Peters said he's witnessed crimes like drug dealing. He said when the police are gone, that when the "shenanigans" start. He said he wants police to be persistent and keep up with the good job they're doing. 

    Tessie Reed would like to see police on the streets more often and not just after a violent crime.


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