• North Seattle power outage hits small businesses

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - That is how Sung Hill was handling the power outage that forced her to close her business on what should have been a lucrative summer day.

    "Saturday's our best day and Sunday is the second best day," said Hill. "So it's almost 50 percent."

    She got the bad news while she was at church.  With no power, she sent her employees home.  The power began coming back on some three hours later, but by then, it was too late.

    "But I cannot do any business," she said. "I have no employees."

    There was no business at nearby City People's Hardware Store either, to the dismay of customers we spotted coming by all afternoon.

    We asked Mike Farrell whether it was affecting him in an extraordinary way.

    "No," he said,  "I'll just have to go somewhere else."

    The outage hit more than 5,000 homes and businesses in North Seattle.  We found Seattle City Light Crews working to restore the power. 

    Late Sunday, crews reported an underground cable had failed.

    They don't yet know why.  But a City Light lineman theorized it is likely the high temperatures.

    "Yeah," said Keith Nielsen, a seven-year City Light veteran.  "Heat causes a lot of load and stress in the cable."

    And it caused a bit of inconvenience for residents like former University of Washington football player Mark Armelin.

    "Pretty much TV and everything went off," said Armelin.  "So we had to go and get ice for the fridge and all that stuff."

    By late Sunday, power had been fully restored.

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