As many as 200 cars damaged in massive tire slashing spree



MARYSVILLE, Wash. -  Police are looking for the vandals responsible for slashing tires on as many as 200 vehicles in the central Marysville area overnight.


Authorities first reported that 100 cars were damaged, but as expected, more slashings were reported Friday as people woke up to discover their cars had been vandalized.


One block near the corner of 53rd Drive Northeast and 95th Place Northeast was hit particularly hard where tires on almost every vehicle were destroyed.


KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Alexandra Limon was in the neighborhood Friday morning where she saw tow trucks responding and many vehicle owners changing tires. 


Neighbor Michael Bell said he was shocked to come out to go to work to find that tires on three of his vehicles had been slashed.  Bell estimated it would cost him $1,500 to replace the tires.


Police told Limon that 160-200 cars were vandalized, some with all four tires slashed.  Authorities said it appeared that all of the tires were slashed with a knife.


Police ask that anyone with information about the vandalisms call police.  There are no suspects in the crimes.


“I hope it’s somebody who decides to brag about it and gets themselves caught,” said victim Matt McCann.


 In addition, with the increased use of residential security cameras, police are asking homeowners to review their video footage for any suspicious activity that may have been captured.